My Favorite Photos of 2016

The past year has brought a variety of things to photograph: sailboats on a lake in Colorado, an engagement, state championship baseball, football in a rainstorm — to name a few. Hover over the images below (or through the Continue Reading link below) to read the caption.

Katy Carron’s sports wild side

I can’t count how many football and basketball games I’ve photographed, but when it comes to my first time shooting sports such as swimming or pole vault, I’m lost. The idea is simple enough: swim faster, use a stick to throw yourself over a bar. But this past Saturday while shooting pole vault, I had to pickContinue reading “Katy Carron’s sports wild side”

My first track and field meet

I photographed and attended my first track and field meet ever Saturday. It’s a fun experience, but can be difficult to shoot with multiple events happening at one time and occasionally overlapping each other. Here are a few of my favorite photos: