My Favorite Photos of 2016

The past year has brought a variety of things to photograph: sailboats on a lake in Colorado, an engagement, state championship baseball, football in a rainstorm — to name a few. Hover over the images below (or through the Continue Reading link below) to read the caption.

Football: Howell Central at Timberland

A full gallery and story can be found at Luckily the rain held out in St. Charles County on Friday, leaving (at least) the first half dry. (Typically, to meet deadline, I leave at the end of the first half, though the game and situation may change that.) Some other photos not included orContinue reading “Football: Howell Central at Timberland”

My Favorite of 2015-2016 High School Sports

Now that the 2015-2016 high school sports season has officially concluded, I dug through my photos from this year to find some of my favorites. Almost all were for I typically link to the stories, but there are far too many to go back and find for this post. Enjoy!