Arch Madness: Cheer, Dance, Band, Coaches and Officials

A collection of non-basketball photos over the course of the two days I covered Arch Madness, the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, in St. Louis.

St. Louis’ Giant Amoco Sign

The giant Amoco sign on the edge of Forest Park along Highway 40 is recognizable to anyone who has lived in St. Louis. Thursday night the fog was setting in on the way home and I thought it could make a good photo. While they didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped (and I wasContinue reading “St. Louis’ Giant Amoco Sign”

Winter in St. Louis

I haven’t been shooting much high school sports the past few weeks, in part because of the ice storm, so I thought I’d make a few posts about what I’ve been up to. In addition to this post, look for: The giant Amoco sign Main Street in St. Charles The Courtesy Diner

An Engagement Surprise

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to photograph Ben Loewnau’s engagement to Lexie Purcell at Babler State Park in Wildwood, Mo. A few days earlier, Ben and I scouted out a location for me to hide and capture the surprise. Ben and Lexie hiked this trail during one of their first dates, so theContinue reading “An Engagement Surprise”